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People have seen news reports suggesting you can simply ignore red light photo tickets. Some Missouri cites have created separate “Failure to Respond” ordinances containing separate fines up to $1,000.


Missouri cities are blocking DMV renewals for unpaid ticket fines and turning over unpaid red light photo tickets to collection agencies, often resulting in damaged credit ratings.

Can’t You Ignore Tickets?

Missouri red light and speed cameras are nuisances and a money grab. Fines can quickly pile up, even for good drivers.


I successfully fought five red light and speed camera tickets from three different Missouri municipalities saving over $500 in fines. Discover my winning strategy and read the court documents used to help win my cases.


Those that pay tickets, may not be able to receive refunds under the voluntary payment doctrine, even if red light cameras are declared illegal.

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Who says, you can’t fight city hall?


You receive a notice in the mail with photographs of your car running a red light with instructions to view the online video. After watching, you may think, “wow they got me! Nothing I can do but pay the fine.” That’s exactly how the camera enforcement system is designed. You’re supposed to believe it’s hopeless to fight, a complete waste of time. Before you admit your guilt, by paying the fine, you owe it to yourself to read this book.


Traffic laws should center around safety not profit. Municipalities and private corporations are using red light and speed cameras as tools to take money out of your pocket cheaply.


Randall’s mother, living on a fixed income, had a spotless driving record until the day she received a red light camera ticket. She was proud that she never received a ticket after more than 50 years of driving. The ticket claimed she made a right turn at a red light before coming to a complete stop. The violation was barely noticeable on the video footage. There was no approaching traffic, the turn was made safely and in no way could be considered reckless or dangerous. It is doubtful that she would have been stopped, let alone ticketed by a police officer. If a police officer had viewed the turn and bothered to stop her, she would have most likely received a warning. Randall tried to convince his mother to fight the ticket; but she was scared of what might happen if she didn’t pay. Even though she felt the ticket was unjust, she wrote a check for $100 and paid the fine. Randall was upset that his mother had been so easily taken advantage of, but could do nothing to prevent it.


The author of, “Red Light Photo Ticket”, is an ordinary citizen. He is not an attorney, paralegal or legal professional. When asked why he wrote the book, Randall Hill replied:


I was tired of going to court and seeing people being taken advantage of simply because they lacked information. It was obvious that a $100 fine was not some small insignificant amount of money to many of the people in court. Some had to make payment arrangement. I couldn’t help thinking how tragic, forcing a person to make payment arrangements with a thief. That’s what I considered the city, a thief, hiding under the color of law, while robbing people of their hard earned money. One older lady even reminded me of my mother. I knew it was illegal for me to offer legal advice, this book was the only way I could think of to help.


When Randall and his wife received their first ticket, they didn’t even recognize the street name mentioned on the notice and certainly didn’t remember making the right turn weeks later. Randall felt the ticket was unfair and believed it was a violation of their constitutional rights. He conducted research including visiting law libraries, reading newspaper and magazine articles, reports and studies concerning red light cameras. His research revealed that when someone wins a case, various tricks and tactics are used to conceal information from the public. When you can’t see what others have done to beat their ticket, it makes it much more difficult to win your case. However, when the municipalities and camera companies win a case, they send press releases and make announcements leading many to believe fighting is futile. Knowledge and preparation is required to win your case.


Randall went to court in 2009 and 2010, for two red light camera tickets; using the same basic strategy, both ticket were also dismissed. In 2012 a speed camera and two more red light cameras were received. By then municipalities had modified their strategy and were much more aggressive. The Flordell Hills, MO speed camera ticked was dismissed in March 2013. A St. Louis, MO municipal judge found Randall guilty of the two red light camera violations. An appeal was filed and by May 2013, both red light camera tickets were dismissed.


Missouri municipalities are systematically using the legal process to violate rights and privileges. Randall held nothing back and shares his experiences, research, theories and court documents in an effort to demonstrate to others, you can beat city hall, but you must be fully prepared. You’ll want to read this book before paying Missouri red light or speed camera tickets and certainly before going to court. Maybe his story can help you. Discover how to fight municipal court abuse.



I fought and won!
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